SoccerPots is all about the Players, our top priority is ensuring you guys can bet against your friends, family and colleagues with total transparency. You will be able to find the answers to your common questions here and elsewhere on this website. If you need further clarification on anything please email us at contactus@soccerpots.co.uk.

How do I register for SoccerPots?

After downloading the SoccerPots app (Android and iOS versions available) you can register a new account through the app. You will need to supply your email address, full name, residential address, date of birth, new password and mobile number. Firstly your name and address details will be checked to ensure you are over the age of 18, via our built in age verification process. If this is successful your details will be checked against the GamStop database to ensure you are not currently self excluding from gambling activities. If everything is fine, you will be sent a link to verify your email address. Please check your email folders for this email, as you will need click on the link contained within to complete registration.

I have not received the Email Verification?

You can resend this email via the registration screen. Please check your junk folders for this message, as this will be the first email you have received from SoccerPots it may be tagged as spam.

If you have still not received the email you can contact SoccerPots to manually verify your details. Please send the following documentation to contactus@soccerpots.co.uk

1) A copy of your Photo ID, for example your driving license, passport or government ID

2) A current copy of a bank statement or utility bill (not less than 3 months old) as a means of proof of address

If the documentation cannot be provided SoccerPots reserves the right to not grant access to the SoccerPots app.

How does SoccerPots work?

SoccerPots is simple, as a Player you get to pick the outcome from a number of different football matches as either a Home win, Away win or Draw. You can either play in a Private SoccerPots League with only people you know or you can enter the Public SoccerPots Leagues and compete against other like minded football fans. In order to enter your predictions you need to pay into a communal pot, along with other Players.

SoccerPots offers three types of Leagues

Instant Win

The Player with the highest number of correct match results, wins the whole pot. If there are multiple winners, the whole pot is shared out equally.

Winner Takes All

Correctly predict ALL the match results in the latest round and win the whole pot. If there are multiple winners, the whole pot is shared out equally. If the pot is not won, the money rolls over to the next round.

Closest Winner

Correctly predict ALL the match results in the latest round and win the whole pot. If there are multiple winners, the whole pot is shared out equally. If the pot is not won, the Player(s) with the highest number of correct match results will win a percentage of the latest round.

The percentage can be set to range from 5% to 50% of the current round. The remaining pot money is again rolled over until someone wins by correctly predicting ALL the football match results in the latest round. The Closest Winner(s) is determined by the total number of correctly predicted football match outcomes of the latest round. If all Players fail to correctly predict any match results (zero correct predictions – from all Players) then no-one is deemed as the Closest Winner and all stakes are rolled over.

How do I play SoccerPots?

SoccerPots is only available as a mobile app, the only supported devices are either Android or iPhone. Firstly you need to download the SoccerPots app via your respective Apps Store. Secondly you will need to create an account and only successfully created accounts can play SoccerPots, the criteria being…

  • You are over 18 years of age
  • You live in the UK
  • You are not currently self-excluding via GamStop or from any other GamStop linked establishment
  • You have a debit card and the funds to play SoccerPots
  • You have a valid email address
  • You have accepted the Terms and Conditions as laid out here

When creating your account you will need to supply an email address and password. Your email account will need to be verified before you can complete the account creation process. Please check your ‘junk’ folder for any missing SoccerPots account verification email. If you prefer you can then use your device face recognition or finger print reader – depending on your device. This option is available under the profile menu.

Once your account has been created you are ready to play. 

Whats the difference between Public Leagues and Private Leagues?

The Public SoccerPots Leagues are created and owned by SoccerPots and anyone with a SoccerPots account can participate.

The Private SoccerPots Leagues are created by the SoccerPots Managers, as we call you – Its you guys who create the SoccerPots League, invite the players, set the number of matches per round and the entry stake. As its your SoccerPots League, you then continue to pick the matches which make up the next round. You can invite more players, pick matches from accross the UK and Europe…. even dish out some banter when your team makes the opposition look like a Sunday League squad outing!

Whats the difference between a Player and a Manager?

The only difference is the Manager sets up the SoccerPots League initially and then continues to pick the fixtures for the subsequent rounds. The Players just need to pick their predictions and put into the pot. A Manager becomes a Player Manager when they enter their own SoccerPots League. A Manager for one SoccerPots League can happily participate in another SoccerPots League as a Player only or even create and manage another SoccerPots League.

How do I create a SoccerPots League?

Under the main ‘Welcome to SoccerPots’ home page press the ‘Join a League’ icon. In order to create the league you need to input the following.

  • League Name
  • Price per Round
  • Matches per Round
  • Choose how the pot is distributed (Instant Win, Winner Takes All or Closet Winner)

How do I invite the Players?

After you have created the SoccerPots League, you can invite players by sharing the automatically generated code. You can use your mobiles messaging functionality to automatically populate a message (with the generated code) and send to your friends. A great tip is to create a WhatsApp Group of all your intended Players and simply send the message and code, via the SoccerPots App, to that group. Having a WhatsApp Group is also a great way to keep connected for that all important banter!

How do I join a SoccerPots League?

Public SoccerPots Leagues can be entered by simply browsing the League and pressing on the icon.

Private SoccerPots Leagues need a code. Under the main ‘Welcome to SoccerPots’ home page is an icon called ‘Join a League’. Simply navigate and press the ‘Join League’ icon and enter the code received from your SoccerPots League Manager.

How do I enter my Predictions?

You enter your predictions from the Predictions menu, select a League from your list of SoccerPots League, and select one of the result option for each fixture (Home, Draw and Away). You can alter your predictions up until the start of the first match in the Round.

What is classed as a Correct Prediction?

The match result after the 90 mins + injury time has finished is classed as the result. You need to match that result in order to have a correct prediction.

What about Extra Time and Penalties?

These do not count towards the Match Results – its purely 90 mins + injury time only.

Does the same apply to Postponed/Cancelled Matches?

Postponed/Cancelled Matches are classed as a Correct Prediction for all Players – actually increasing your chances of winning!

How do I leave a League?

Only a SoccerPots League Manager can remove you from a League, please contact your League Manager if you wish to leave. Please note all stakes which you have paid, will stay in the league pot.

How do I close a League, and what happens to any money left in the Pot?

Only a SoccerPots League Manager can close a League, you can do this via the League Screen. The top right menu will display an option to close the League. You can only close the League if there is no current round in play. Any money left in the pot will be distributed to the Player(s) with the highest number of correct predictions from the last round.

Please explain the League Tables?

SoccerPots Leagues have a League Table associated with them. The table allows you to see how well you are doing compared to your mates and is updated for the lifetime of the SoccerPots League. The League Tables have three columns – Cards, Cups and Points.

  • Cards – you receive a virtual Card when you fail to predict any correct matches for the round
  • Cups – you receive a virtual Cup when you correctly predict ALL matches for the round
  • Points – you receive a virtual Point for each correctly predicted match for the round

If you are feeling shy and do not wish to ‘be visible’ within the League Table to the other Players, you can hide away by selecting this option from the top right menu when viewing the League Table. You can ‘re-appear’ whenever you like…perhaps after winning the Round!

What if I miss a Round / Join a Rollover League midway?

** PLEASE NOTE – the following does not apply to ‘Affiliate Leagues’ (fund raising leagues, mainly used by football clubs) – Please contact SoccerPots for more information OR if you would like the following functionality removed from your league **

If you miss a round by not entering your predictions or not paying into the pot on time, then you need to wait until the next round to re-enter. The cost of re-entering into a rolled over pot (not won from the previous round) will include the missed stake money. So if you miss two rounds from a £1 SoccerPots Rollover League, which has not yet been won, the cost to enter on round three will be £3 (£1 per missed round and £1 for the current round entry stake).

If the pot is won during the time you were not playing, then the number of missed rounds will be reset to zero and started again from the next round.

The above applies to Players joining a SoccerPots Rollover League midway (Winner Takes All and Closest Winner) – its only fair to ‘catch up the Pot’ in order to share in the winnings!

Is this the same for Instant Win Leagues?

No, Instant Win Leagues have no Rollover so there is never any need to ‘catch up the pot’.

Can I Alter my Predictions?

Yes you can – right up until the start of the first Match in the Round kicks off – predictions are locked in thereafter.

Does SoccerPots Take a Commission?

It sure does, we have hungry developers to feed. We take 10% commission from Private Leagues and 15% commission from Public Leagues. Please note this will be taken after each round.

Are there no Odds?

Yes that’s correct. Your SoccerPots Manager decides how hard or easy the pot will be to win by choosing how many games you will need to pick from, for each round. The more games you have to predict within your SoccerPots League, the harder it will be to get them ALL correct – thus leading to much larger roll overs. 

How do I Deposit and Withdraw money?

From the SoccerPots app you can deposit and withdraw money via the Profile menu, on this screen you will see two buttons. One to deposit money and one to withdraw money. When you perform one of these actions, you will be presented with a screen which will ask for a desired amount in GBP (£) and the relevant debit card details which you will be using for this transaction. SoccerPots does not store card details, but it’s possible to ‘remember’ your details on the Payment Gateway allowing for speedier transactions. Please note that these actions can take up to 5 business working days to either credit or debit your account, however your SoccerPots account will reflect these actions immediately ensuring you can use SoccerPots funds straight away.

I’ve forgotten my Password?

Forgotten password emails can be sent out again via the login screen.

Are you guys Regulated at all?

For sure! We are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under licence number 54918.